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EVT 1907020RER1019 – 14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Applications of AcceleratorsVienna, Austria, 5-9 April 2020
EVT 1907413RER6036- TC Sponsored Participation on Inholland Academy Image Guided Radiation Therapy Hands-on courseHaarlem, Netherlands, 31 March 2020 – 4 April 2020
EVT 1906896RER6038 TC Sponsored Participation on European Conference of Radiology 2020Vienna, Austria, 11-15 March 2020
EVT 19040618th Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Nuclear SafetyVienna, Austria, 23 Mar – 3 Apr 2020
EVT1907202RER9153 – Regional Workshop on Best Practices for Reducing Radon Concentrations in BuildingsCroatia, Pula, 16-20 March 2020
EVT1907364RER5024First Coordination MeetingAnkara, Turkey, 23 – 27 March 2020
EVT 1907892RER9154 – Kick-off Meeting to Baseline Capacities in the Participating Member StatesVienna, Austria, 16 – 18 March 2020
EVT 1907674RER7014 – Regional Workshop on Improvement of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment for Radiation Protection in the RegionSeibersdorf, Austria, 23 – 27 March 2020
EVT 2001004RER0045 – Induction Workshop on TC Programme for new National Liaison Officers, National Liaison Assistants and Selected Project CounterpartsVienna, Austria, 21-24 April 2020
EVT 20002126RER0045 – Induction Workshop on TC Programme for newly appointed Project Counterparts, new National Liaison Officers and National Liaison AssistantsVienna, Austria, from, 19 to 22 May 2020
EVT 1907458RER9146 – Invitation to the Regional Workshop on Safety Assessment for Decommissioning of Small Facilities and Application of Graded ApproachTbilisi, Georgia, 21 -24 April 2020
EVT 1907677RER7014 – Regional Workshop for Development of a Regional Action Plan on Legal Framework and Regulations for Environmental Radiation Monitoring based on National and Regional PrioritiesLubljana, Slovenia, 18 – 22 May 2020
Fourth Extraordinary Meeting and the Seventh Organizational Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Joint ConventionVienna, Austria, 26-29 May 2020
EVT 2000029RER5025 – First Regional Coordination MeetingBaku, Azerbaijan, 20 – 24 April 2020
EVT 1907209RER9148 – Regional Workshop on Self-Assessment using the SARIS ImplementationTbilisi, Georgia, 21 -23 April 2020
EVT 2001107INT9186 – Phase II – Interregional Training Course on Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources (DSRS), Belgrade, Serbia, 11 – 15 May 2020
EVT 2000456INT9186 – Interregional Meeting on Records Management, Records Keeping, Registries and Traceability, Related to Sealed Radioactive Sources and Disused Sealed Radioactive SourcesTangerang, Indonesia, 6-10 July 2020
EVT 1906985INT2020- Training Course on Project P lanning, Management, and Stakeholder Engagement for Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Project13 – 24 July 2020, Chicago, IL
EVT 2001315RER1021 – Regional Workshop on Wastewater and Sludge Treatment by Radiation Technologie26-28 May 2020, Trencin, Slovakia
EVT 1906982INT2020 Practical Training Course on Policy, Strategy and Regulation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation ProjectsVienna, Austria, 11 – 15 May 2020