We are dedicated to and responsible for the control of radiation and nuclear activities in the country so that they are conducted in a safe and secure manner for the public and the environment


IAEA donation granted to School of Electrical Engineering

IAEA donation granted to School of Electrical Engineering

Within the project of technical cooperation programme between the Republic of Serbia and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) titled as “Enhancing the Capacities of Educational Institutions for the Sustainable use of Nuclear Technologies 2022 – 2025”, Serbia...

Обавештења о скуповима

Radioactivity monitoring

Reports on the level of exposure of the population to ionizing radiation from the environment in the Republic of Serbia.

Monitor the radiation status

Систем правовремене најаве радиолошког акцидента


European platform for the exchange of radioactivity data


Monitoring of environmental radioactivity in the Republic of Serbia

Division Of Inspection


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