Policy and Legal Advice Centre (PLAC II)

Through the project Policy and Legal Advice Centre (PLAC II), the European Union supports and assists Serbia in improving concordance between the national legislation and the EU acquis, as well as the implementation of legal acts, and enhancing capacities of relevant institutions to successfully carry out accession negotiations. The main beneficiaries are the Ministry of European Integration and the Negotiating Team for Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union. Other beneficiaries are ministries and institutions responsible for the harmonising legislation in specific areas.

Within Chapter 15 – Energy, 9 project activities were implemented in the period between June 2016 and December 2018 whose beneficiary was Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, either independently or together with other ministries.

1.Guidance for authorization process for radiation practices in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy
2.Guidance for the process of
licencing of radiation practices in industrial radiography
3.Guidance for safety assessment in zero power nuclear reactors
4.Guidance for Inspection plan for nuclear facilities except nuclear power plants
5.Rulebook on Security of Radioactive Sources
6.Guidance for Inspection Programme for different radiation practices
7.Metodology of establishing dose constraints and Guidance for high-activity sealed radiation sources management
8.Guidance for etsablishing graded approach to regulatory control
9.Preparation of documentation/instructions
for key regultaory body procedures and development of guidance for licencees

Policy and Legal Advice Centre (PLAC III)

The PLAC III project provides for legal assistance to the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the process of harmonisation of the national legislation with the EU acquis through amending the existing and drafting new legislation and assisting in the process of accession negotiations with the European Union. Assistance during the negotiation process will be provided through workshops and training courses organized within the framework of the project. The main aim of the PLAC III project is to achieve a high level of effective alignment of national legislation with the EU acquis and its implementation.

Within Chapter 15 – Energy it is planned to implement 7 project activities in the period between January 2019 and July 2021 whose main beneficiary is Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate in cooperation with other ministries and institutions.

1.Guidance for management of disused radiation sources in radiation practices
2.Drafting guidance on criteria for recognition of Medical Physics Experts (MPE)
3.Drafting guidance for accidental and unintended exposure
4.Drafting Methodology for estimation of population doses
5.Guidancce for establishing Quality Assurance Programmes
6.Justification of practices and justification of non-medical imaging exposure

TAIEX – Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office

TAIEX – Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office is an instrument of the European Commission with an aim to provide short-term assistance to new European Union member states, countries that are candidates for EU membership and countries of the Western Balkans concerning the harmonization of national regulations with acquis communautaire, as well as their implementation.

1.Estimation of Radiation doses to the Members of the Public
2.Regulatory Control of practices involving NORM
3.Reference levels and dose assessment
in emergency and existing exposure