We are dedicated to and responsible for the control of radiation and nuclear activities in the country so that they are conducted in a safe and secure manner for the public and the environment

Velinov: Transport security recognized as an important aspect of the comprehensive control system

Belgrade, 16 March, 2021 – The Director of Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate (SRBATOM), Sladjan Velinov participated in the introductory session of the European Transportation Security Series (ERTSS) for nuclear and other radioactive material, which is jointly organized and hosted by the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN) and the United States Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration.

Fukushima Aftermath in Serbia

Директорат за радијациону и нуклеарну сигурност и безбедност Србије (СРБАТОМ) организовао је онлајн конференцију поводом 10 година од нуклеарног акцидента у Фукушими под називом „Нуклеарна сигурност данас: Фукушима – 10 година после“.

10 years since Fukushima nuclear accident – Serbia among the first to send assistance

Belgrade, 11 March 2021. – Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security (SRBATOM) organized an online conference on 10 years since the nuclear accident in Fukushima under the name: Sustain Nuclear Safety: Fukushima – 10 Years After.

Conference – 10 years since Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident

On 11 March 2021, starting at 10 am, Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate (SRBATOM) organizes an online conference commemorating 10 years since Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident under the title ‘Nuclear Safety Today: Fukuhima – 10 years later’.

His Excellency, Mr Takahiko Katsumata, the Ambassador of Japan to Serbia, and Mr Sladjan Velinov, SRBATOM’s Director will open the conference.

IAEA Assistance to Member States in their Combat with COVID-19 Pandemic

For the past year, 127 Member States have received the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) assistance through the project of interregional technical cooperation, which was approved by the Board of Governors at the meeting held in November 2019 гand which is a part of Technical Cooperation Programme for 2020-2021 cycle. In addition to the assistance in the equipment and material, the IAEA supported the states by providing numerous webinars and educational video material in Arabic, French, English, Spanish and Russian language, laboratory support, technical guidance and expert services.

Recommendations on applications and mail delivery to Directorate

Due to the adverse epidemiological situation in the Republic of Serbia and the implementation of the measures of prevention and suppression of COVID-19 communicable disease, as well as the ongoing relocation of the Directorate from the Belgrade Palace, we strongly advise you to send all the documentation required in the process of issuing decisions on radiation practice performance and the use of radiation sources, by e-mail on info@srbatom.gov.rs  

Authorization issuance applications are to be sent on licence@srbatom.gov.rs

Alternatively, these can be sent by post to our address:  Terazije 41a/IV, 11000 Belgrade

New contact line

Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate informs the citizens on the new telephone line for their inquiries:

The new telephone number you can contact us on is (+381-11) 45 50 500

Radioactivity monitoring

Reports on the level of exposure of the population to ionizing radiation from the environment in the Republic of Serbia.

Monitor the radiation status

Систем правовремене најаве радиолошког акцидента


European platform for the exchange of radioactivity data


Monitoring of environmental radioactivity in the Republic of Serbia

Division Of Inspection


Call: 381 11 455 0 508