25. August 2023.
Official visit of ambassador of Japan to SRBATOM

The meeting on the current circumstances surrounding the activities on the release of waste water from the Fukushima Power Plant was organized with SRBATOM representatives at the initiative of His Excellency, Mr. Akira Imamura, the ambassador of Japan to Serbia.

The ambassador stated the official stance of the Government of Japan that all activities currently being carried out are in accordance with the general criteria and principles of radiation and nuclear safety, as well as with the standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Mr. Sladjan Velinov, Director of SRBATOM, expressed his gratitude to His Excellency on this visit, and a special appreciation to the Government of Japan on transparency and impartial reporting on this issue. He pointed at differing information on this topic, both in the media and the public, and underlined that the Directorate will continue to be guided solely by official and confirmed information from the IAEA.

The representatives of the Directorate pointed out that they regularly receive from the International Atomic Energy Agency the reports that are delivered to all member states on the activities in Fukushima Power Plant, which are kept under close observation and thoroughly analyzed. The Directorate strongly supports the efforts from Japan and the IAEA on tackling the issue of waste water in a safe manner, which will ensure the adequate protection of the public health and the environment.

In line with its competencies, the Directorate regularly observes the circumstances in connection with the activities in Fukushima Power Plant and continues to timely inform the public.