1. March 2024.
Two-day training on use of webECURIE system held at SRBATOM

The representatives of Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate (SRBATOM) and the Sector for Emergency Management participated in the international exercise for the use of the European web platform for the exchange of information in case of nuclear or radiological emergencies – webECURIE, which was held in Belgrade 28-29 February this year.

WebECURIE is the information exchange system which serves to implement the Council Decision of 14 December 1987 on Community arrangements for the early exchange of information in the event of a radiological emergency (87/600/Euratom) and the Agreement between the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) and non-member States of the European Union on the participation of the latter in the Community arrangements for the early exchange of information in the event of radiological emergency (Ecurie).

The Decision and the Agreement, which Serbia signed in 2023, require from the EU member states and the signatories promptly to notify the European Commission and any other potentially threatened member states on its intention to implement the measures to protect the public in case of a nuclear or radiological emergency. Upon the reception of the information, all member states notify the European Commission on the measures implemented and the recommendations given, as well as on the measured radioactivity levels.

By signing the above Agreement and joining the ECURIE system, the Republic of Serbia has significantly improved the existing early warning system serving to exchange information with the other states. Based on this exchange, the states can conduct better assessments on the public exposures and the environmental impact in case of a nuclear or radiological emergency and take timely and adequate protection measures.