2. November 2022.
Symposium on International Safeguards

The Symposium on the application of International Safeguards is organized by the IAEA every four years and aims at bringing together the global stakeholders in support of the IAEA safeguards. The year of 2022 is deemed as special by the international community as it marks important anniversaries in the field of safeguards. Namely, 2022 is the 60th anniversary of the IAEA inspections, 50th anniversary of the comprehensive safeguards agreements (CSAs), as well as 25 years since the entry into force of the first Additional Protocol (AP).

Since the Symposium is seen as an opportunity to round up national regulators responsible for the field of nuclear safeguards in a number of the IAEA Member States where they can identify challenges and opportunities in this field, exchange ideas and experiences and build partnerships, the Directorate also took part in the Symposium this year.

One of the side events during the Symposium was the signing of the IAEA publication on the global debate on nuclear law when there was an informal meeting between SRBATOM Director, Mr. Sladjan Velinov and IAEA Director General, Mr Rafael Mariano Grossi.

This was the opportunity for SRBATOM Director to invite Mr. Grossi to visit Serbia, who reaffirmed his promise given during the opening ceremony of the Nikola Tesla Museum exhibition during 66th Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference.

You can find more information on: https://www.iaea.org/events/sg-2022