17 – 21 February 2020 – The representatives of the Republic of Serbia are taking part in the Regional Meeting on Paris Agreement – Setting the Scene within the IAEA TC project RER2017 Assessing the Role of Low Carbon Energy Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation. The scope of the meeting allows for addressing a particular attention to the issues of social and economic trials arising from the process of transition deemed as mandatory in order to reach “net zero” in the overall balance in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by the end of the century.

Serbia ratified the Paris agreement in 2017 and, thus, committed to reducing greenhouse gases by 9.8% by 2030, in comparison with their levels in 1990.

The IAEA also highlights the availability of its technical assistance and cooperation in this transitional process, which can be achieved through the National Liaison Officers (NLOs) in each Member State.