18. December 2023.
New measuring stations installed in Sombor, Backa Topola, Odzaci, Kikinda, Novi Knezevac and Palic

The new SARA measuring station, which is used to identify radioactive isotopes in the air has been installed in Sombor, while MIRA devices serving to measure gamma ray dose rate in the air have been installed in Backa Topola, Odzaci, Novi Knezevac and Palic.

In accordance with the Law on Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security (“Official Gazette of RS”, Nos. 95/19 and 10/19), the functions of Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate are, among other things, to monitor the radioactivity levels, their changes, assess its impact on the public and the environment, and give guidance on the implementation of the proper measures.

The existing early warning system in case of a nuclear or radiological emergency which is under the control and remit of the Directorate, was installed in 2007 and so far, has comprised a network of nine measuring stations.

Backa Topola
Novi Knezevac