3. October 2023.
Maria Del Pilar Murillo Fuentes new IAEA officer for Republic of Serbia

Eve-Kulli Kala, Director of the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Division for Europe informed SRBATOM Director and the National Liaison Officer with the IAEA, Sladjan Velinov that Maria Del Pilar Murillo Fuentes had been appointed as the new IAEA officer for the Republic of Serbia.

In her personal note to Director Velinov, Ms. Kala expressed her satisfaction with the conclusions made at the meeting held the week before and hopes that the project addressing the issue of legacy radioactive waste at Vinca site would be successfully continued.

The IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Programme for Europe is devised through consultations with the Member States with the aim of providing an effective and efficient mechanism for transferring safe and peaceful use of nuclear technologies to the Member States. This support is ensured in the form of national, regional and interregional projects focusing on key development priorities in areas such as health and nutrition, food and agriculture, water and the environment, industrial applications, and nuclear knowledge development and management.