7. June 2024.
Fourth Seminar on Introduction to Nuclear Forensics concludes

International Atomic Energy Agency, organized this week the Fourth Seminar on Introduction to Nuclear Forensics.

The overall of 33 participants from 14 countries analyzed and discussed the cases in practice and experience in cooperation in the field of nuclear forensics, laboratory methods and standard operative procedures in their respective countries.

Special attention was dedicated to the analysis of the exercises organized in the region serving, among other things, to gain insight into the examples of good cooperation between the seminar participants, and to develop further the methods and operative procedures to combat crimes involving the material out of regulatory control.

The seminar participants had the opportunity to visit the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Novi Sad where they visited the Laboratory for Nuclear Physics at the Department of Physics and the Laboratory at the Department for Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection.

The representative of the IAEA’s Division of Nuclear security and the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, Zhong Yuan, emphasized the importance of this seminar and expressed his pleasure with the fact that the Republic of Serbia was the organizer of this traditional event.