15. May 2023.
Directorate receives recognition letter at Congress of Radiology Technicians

The representatives of Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate participated at the Congress of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Technicians of Serbia, which was held on Zlatibor 12 – 14 May, 2023.

“Our role in radiology” was the guiding idea of this year’s two -day Congress, which was primarily the opportunity for our experts to exchange their professional knowledge and experience with their colleagues and counterparts in the region.

The lectures, panel discussions and round tables during the Congress, covering a variety of branches in medicine, among other things, served to point at the importance of radiology in diagnostics and therapy on one hand, and in the intervention medical procedures on the other, especially since these are based on the use of ionizing radiation sources.

Several presentations during the Congress had the impact of radiation on epigenetics, genetics and the lives of people employed in the radiation zones as the main topic, which consequently meant placing emphasis on the importance of the concept of radiation protection as on of the core principles of radiology in general.

During the Congress, the organizer took the opportunity to award a recognition letter to Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate as a sign of appreciation for the exceptional contribution and support to the Association.