The Republic of Serbia is to participate in the international exercise ConvEx -3 (2021) 26-27 October 2021 serving to simulate an emergency in the Barakah nuclear power plant in the UAE. The organizers of the exercise are the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the United Arab Emirates. The participation of the institutions of the Republic of Serbia in the exercise will be determined by the nature of the simulated emergency and the perceived hazard.

The purpose of this exercise is to assess the response capabilities of the participating countries in the event of a nuclear or a radiological emergency. The United Arab Emirates, as the host country simulating the accident in the Barakah nuclear power plant, will, together with the International Atomic Energy Agency, set the exact time of the exercise onset, as well as any other details relevant for the exercise.

During this two-day exercise, there will be a series of the activities in the Republic of Serbia whose aim is to simulate the response to an emergency, that is, taking steps to prevent any harmful impact of such unintended event. During the exercise, Serbia will use JRODOS – the real-time online decision support system for nuclear emergency management for the first time. This platform enables its users to forecast the transport and expansion of a radioactive cloud, to assess the impact of an accident to the public and the environment, and to assess the efficiency of the intended protective measures.

All the information on the exercise will be clearly and visibly identified as “EXERCISE”.

Please, be mindful of the fact that this is solely an exercise and all the information incurred will be the result of the conducted simulations and evaluations.

Besides the Republic of Serbia, another 74 countries and 12 international organizations will be participating in ConvEx-3 (2021) exercise.