Belgrade, 16 March, 2021 – The Director of Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate (SRBATOM), Sladjan Velinov participated in the introductory session of the European Transportation Security Series (ERTSS) for nuclear and other radioactive material, which is jointly organized  and hosted by the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN) and the United States Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration.

In his opening speech, Mr Velinov said that any handling of radioactive material and sealed radiation sources, including transport, implies a certain level of the risk of emergency that can lead to increased exposure and a spread of contamination.

“Such events can have security relevance as well, which is why the transport security is recognized as an important feature in the overall system of practice control, especially with regards to the spread of fear and insecurity among the public. Having in mind the position of our region and its role in the unhindered flow of goods and raw material, continuous expansion in road networks, increase in the commodity exchange, and increase in the number of transport participants, as well as ever higher need for the transport of radioactive material and radioactive sources, the transport security is also seen as more and more important commitment”, said Mr Velinov.

He continued by saying that the the adoption of new regulations by the end of 2018, meant the Republic of Serbia additionally raised the importance of radioactive and nuclear material security, and all related practices and facilities, which paved the way for further strengthening of the security system as something that the Directorate and other related institutions strive for.

„When I say other institutions, I primarily mean the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the primary institution in the security system, as well as any other legal entities included in the organization and the delivery of transport. The higher level of security culture among all participants in transport by continuous education, means higher level of their awareness and the appropriate understanding of these issues. In this regard, the Directorate owes a particular gratitude to the International Atomic Energy Agency that, through its assistance mechanisms, provides us with a number of courses in this area“, concluded Mr Velinov.

This was a virtual event and it is intended as twelve bi-monthly sessions  from 16 March to 28 September, 2021. Each session will focus on the issues that are critical to the security of nuclear and radioactive material in transport.