14. December 2023.
Measuring stations installed in Zajecar and Vranje

The new radioactivity measuring stations were installed on locations in Zajecar and Vranje yesterday.

SIRA, a station for the automatic, permanent identification and monitoring of airborne radioactivity, together with MIRA monitoring system for the assessment of gamma ray dose rate in the air. At the same time, another MIRA device was installed in Vranje.


The overall of 33 measuring stations comprising the new early warning system in case of a nuclear and radiological emergency, will be distributed with the aim of achieving better coverage of the entire territory of Serbia, commensurate with the existing risks.

As a result of having new radioactivity monitoring stations installed in our country, the mechanism and system for timely and proper measures to protect the public and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation will be significantly improved.