12. December 2023.
Installation of 33 measuring stations within the state-of the-art early warning system of nuclear or radiological accident starts

During the last weekend, four early detection and remote monitoring stations were installed on the locations in Sid, Vinca, Kraljevo and Kopaonik. These are the first installed instruments within the intended state-of the-artearly warning system of a nuclear or radiological emergency which is based on 33 stations and which arrived in Serbia by the end of October this year.

Three MIRA gamma dose rate monitoring instruments were installed in Vinca, Kraljevo and Kopaonik, while SARA spectroscopic gamma radiation station which ensures identification of radioactive isotopes in the air was installed in Sid.

This new early warning system of a nuclear or radiological emergency is to be fully operative once the installation of all 33 measuring stations have been completed, which will mean that the entire territory of Serbia will be covered with the latest instruments of this type.


The above stations are the donation of the European Commission which was realized within the project for the upgrade of the national environmental radiation monitoring and early warning system of the Republic Serbia, in which Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate has been participating since 2021.