As part of the IAEA regional project, TC Project RER5022, “Establishing Genetic Control Programmes for Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes” Serbian representative nominated by the Directorate participated in the fellowship programme in the Insect Pest Control Laboratory – Medical Entomology у Seibersdorf, Austria. From 04 March to 04 June 2019 our representative conducted a research on the use of environmentally-friendly insect suppression programme by sterilization (Sterile Insect Technique – SIT) against invasive mosquito species, Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito) in Serbia and the region. In cases when the vaccine is not available, efficient suppression of vector population is the only way to prevent the spread of disease. 

  The research conducted during this fellowship will be of great use to all the countries in the region that have established cooperation within RER5022 project. This will also upgrade Serbian capacities in preparing to utilize SIT methods in combating Ae. Albopictus.