8. December 2021.
Mayor of Subotica and Austrian Ambassador Support Project of “Zelena Srbija”

Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate (SRBATOM) in cooperation with Color Media Communications and with the support of the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection continued with the realization of “Zelena Srbija” project in Subotica. The partners of this year’s project are PC “Vojvodinasume”, OTP Bank, Lidl and Telenor.

The main aim of this project is to contribute to the environmental protection and to raise the awareness of citizens, local self-governments and other companies of the importance of landscaping and forestation in our country. The project is devised as organized planting of trees in 10 cities and municipalities throughout Serbia, and the city of Subotica has been the ninth city to respond so far.

SRBATOM Director, Sladjan Velinov stated that the purpose of this project is to bring back nature to the cities, and to build a new eco-fund by landscaping and expanding greenery, which positively affects the quality of life in the cities.

“Healthy environment is one of the fundamental rights and freedoms of every citizen. We strongly believe that these seedlings prolong the life of not only our planet, but also the life of all of us that live here. Therefore, the planting of new trees is the most noble act anyone can perform for sake of the nature and other people, and each new tree is a valuable natural resource and a generator of oxygen”, said Velinov.

The Mayor of Subotica, Stevan Bakic stated: “Today, we realized the project of “Zelena Srbija” in the local community park of “Prozivka”. This way, by planting red horse-chestnut, decorative Japanese cherry and pyramidal European hornbeam trees, we enriched the park and contributed to its beauty, making it a place where our citizens can enjoy themselves even more than before”.

The Mayor Bakic pointed out that the city of Subotica, as well as Serbia in general, had been devoted to the environmental protection so far, and that the local self-government of Subotica had already realized several important landscaping activities.

Nikolaus Lutterotti, Ambassador of Austria to Serbia compared tree planting to revival and one of the best ways to combat climate changes and degradation of the environment.

“I hope that the planting of new trees, as a symbol of preserving our environment, will enable the citizens of Subotica to enjoy this park. We, as the representatives of the Embassy of Austria to Serbia, find a great pleasure to be able to participate in this project, and hope to be invited to more activities of the kind that contribute to the environmental protection”, said the Ambassador.

The Director of PC “Vojvodinasume”, Roland Kokai, explained which types of trees had been planted.

“We have made the urban community more beautiful and helped raise the individual awareness of the importance of ecology. We have planted the trees resilient to urban conditions, the quality of our air and climate. These trees will be beautiful and alive throughout the year. PC “Vojvodinasuma” will support similar activities in the future financially or by providing new seedlings”, said Kokai.

The Director of Subotica branch of OTP Bank, Boris Radnic, said that the principles of socially responsible business are incorporated in the overall operations of the bank, and that the bank applies high policy standards to their employees, clients, and the environment as well.

“We believe that by dealing with the issue of environmental protection and care, we also invest into the quality of life in our entire community. I would like to emphasize that the OTP Bank has launched another fifth cycle of Generator Zero project in which we reward and support the projects relating to and promoting measurable reduction of the impact of our carbon footprint”, stated Radnic.

Shortly before the planting in the park of “Prozivka”, the Mayor of Subotica, Stevan Bakic and his associates organized a meeting in the City Hall with the Ambassador Nikolaus Lutterotti and the two Directors – Sladjan Velinov and Roland Kokai.