The two-day workshop, which is a part of the European Commission Project “EP&R in the Western Balkans Region“,  the decision-makers in the nuclear emergency management  will be acquainted with the functions and the importance of JRODOS programme, has started today in Belgrade.

JRODOS is a software developed in the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany which is used for the simulation of the distribution and patterns of radioactive substances in the environment, and for the evaluation of doses likely to be received by the public in case of a nucler emergency. JRODOS also has an important role in the establishment of a protection and rescue system, that is, in strenghtening preparedeness to respond to any consequences that migh arise from a nuclear emergency.

This decision support system has been installed and used in Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate as a Serbian regulatory body in the field of radiation and nuclear safety and security.

The workshop participants are the representatives of the regional regulatory bodies in the field of radiation and nuclear safety and security, as well as the representatives of other regional civil organizations responsible for nuclear or radiological emergency management. They will be presented with the manner and the form in which the results of simulations acquired via this programme can be used in the process of making decisions relating to the application of measures to protect the public and the environment in case of a nuclear emergency.