21. June 2023.
IAEA Director General invites Directorate to organize advanced training course in nuclear law in Republic of Serbia

In response to the news announced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on its plans to support the establishment of a postgraduate certificate programme on nuclear law within the faculties’ existing curricula, Sladjan Velinov, Director of Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate, sent the official letter to the IAEA Director General, Rafael Mariano Grossi, informing him on the state of play on this matter in the Republic of Serbia.

In his letter, Director, Mr. Velinov acquainted Mr Grossi with the details of the Cooperation Agreement that the Directorate entered into with the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade on 15 December 2022, which was signed by Sladjan Velinov, Director of the Directorate and Prof. PhD. Zoran Mirkovic, Dean of the Faculty of Law.

Thanking Mr Velinov on his letter, Rafael Mariano Grossi expressed his great pleasure with such cooperation which brings additional opportunities for further education of final year and postgraduate students in the field of nuclear law.

the IAEA Director General continued by pointing out how he is well-acquainted with the recent consultations between the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) and the Directorate on the organization of two-week advanced training course in the field of nuclear law for the IAEA Member States in the region of Europe and Central Asia, and by expressing his readiness to support any further agreements and plans towards the successful realization of this course in the Republic of Serbia.

We see this invitation and support from the IAEA Director General as an exceptional appreciation of our country. The IAEA, this way, expresses a high level of trust in the Republic of Serbia and the Directorate and a recognition of all the efforts our country has made so far in terms of securing the highest levels of radiation and nuclear safety and security.

This training course will also be a great opportunity to exchange the lessons learned and knowledge between the countries of Europe and Central Asia in this field. The course participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge from the most eminent IAEA experts on all relevant accomplishments in the field of comprehensive nuclear law.

Needles to say that this event will have a positive effect on the enhancement of the public health and environmental protection in the Republic of Serbia.

You can read the entire letter here.